Apache Mills Anti-fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats

Apache-Mills-Floral-KitchenCombining charmingly good looks with quality production is what Apache Mills does with their anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats. I don’t think I have ever been as pleased with a product line as I am with these.

Charmingly Good Looks

Anti-fatigue floor mats used to be reserved for an industrial look, solid color, boring. Now these cushion mats are designed with beautiful or whimsical designs. I call them charming because that’s what they look like laying on the floor in front of my kitchen sink. Here are some of my favorites to show you just how charmingly good looking they are.

 Apache Mills 60-122-0149-18X30 Vintage Olive Oil Kitchen Mat, 18-Inch by 30-Inch Cushion Comfort 60-122-0117-18X30 Apache Mills Hot and Fresh Kitchen Mat, 18 by 30-Inch Cushion Comfort 60-122-1376-20X42 Apache Mills Herb Floral Kitchen Mat, 20 by 42-Inch

Cushion Comfort for Anti-fatigue

Apache Mills uses the term cushion comfort for their anti-fatigue floor mats. I have to say I think they named them just right. Standing on one of these lovely designs for a few minutes and you will be delighted with how comfortable they feel.

We spend a lot of kitchen time in front of the sink. Washing fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting and chopping, doing dishes all add up to plenty of time. If you have ever felt leg soreness or back aches after working at the sink, then you need to get an anti-fatigue floor mat. I can promise you how much of a difference one will make.

Choose Options to Match Your Kitchen Decor

As long as you are going to get an anti-fatigue floor mat, you might as well chose one that matches the decor in your kitchen. And luckily for all of us, Apache Mills makes a wide assortment of designs and colors for your kitchen. I only showed you three of them, but you can see more at Apache Mills Floor Mats. The variation in design is one thing, but they also have great variations in sizes, too, so you can get the perfect size for in front of your sink.

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  1. sandra hess says:

    I can’t wait to try my cushion comfort mat! My feet and legs will feel so much more comfortable. I love the steaming cup of coffee. What fun in my kitchen with my breakfast bar!

  2. Mandee says:

    When I ran my professional kitchen/restaurant, we wouldn’t have survived without the anti-fatigue mats. Cooking is hard work and lots of standing! These are wonderful for home use and much more pretty designs to choose from. They can really add to the decor while saving your feet and back!

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