Choose a Color Scheme for Kitchen Decor

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Kitchen Color SchemeChoosing your color scheme for your kitchen is the first step in doing your decorating or redecorating. Usually, you want to choose two complementary colors and then a 3rd and/or 4th accent color. You can also be bold and choose contrasting colors. That’s up to you.

For those who have a theme in mind, you might find that your theme naturally has a built in color scheme. If an apple theme is what you like for your kitchen, then your colors will fall around the reds or the greens. The color scheme will support the items you use for your decorating. Something like a cookie jar that has apple designs on it, will be either red apples or green ones, maybe both.

Without a theme, you want to pick colors that you like. This is your kitchen after all. You want to be happy when you’re in it. You certainly don’t want to hate to be and work in your kitchen because of the colors.

Working with a color wheel can help you decide which colors are complementary or contrasting to your favorite color. If you need more help with understanding the color wheel and how it works, there is great explanation on this article.

At some point you may want to visit your local paint store and choose some of their color swatches to determine what you like best. Even if you aren’t planning to repaint your kitchen walls, the color swatches can help you see what goes best with what. Just a bit of warning goes with this advice. Paint can be mixed to create any shade of color under the sun. Your kitchen accent pieces and accessories can’t. When you choose items to make up your kitchen decor, those items won’t necessarily have that exact shade of the color you chose. So stick with the more basic color combinations.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your color choices, if that’s something that makes you feel good. Also, don’t be fooled into going with the latest trends in kitchen decor. If the colors aren’t right for you, you won’t be happy in your kitchen.

As we start planning how to create a great look in a kitchen, starting with the color choices makes the rest of decorating easier. You will naturally choose accessories and accent pieces for your kitchen that are either one of you main colors or one of your accent colors.

At Easy Kitchen Decor, we want your decorating to truly be easy. So start off with those color choices and have fun with your new kitchen look.

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