Country Themed Kitchen Decor Placemats

Country Themed Kitchen DecorIf a country theme is what you like for your kitchen decor, using placemats on your table can help. These are a simple addition. Accessories like these placemats can contribute to your country themed kitchen decor. Decorating can be fun and easy when you work with a style like Country, incorporating color schemes and accessories.

Creating Country Themed Kitchen Decor

Any theme to your decorating is about the style you choose, the color schemes you work with, and the accessories and accent pieces you add. Country is a style of decorating. It’s color schemes can be just about any you like. And luckily for us, the accessories to choose from are numerous.

A country theme tends to lend itself nicely to vintage items. Those that you might have found in Gramma’s kitchen. But, it’s not limited to vintage. A modern country kitchen is easy also. That’s literally combining two styles: modern, with bold looks and bright colors, and country, with patterns and wood.

Accenting with Table Linens Like Placemats

One of the easiest ways I like to decorate my kitchen is with the table linens. Even when the table isn’t in use, arranging 2 or 4 placemats as decor items adds to your theme. These placemats are a few of my favorites for country themed kitchen decor.

Mix and Match for Color Schemes

With a country theme, so much of the color palette is available to use. Typically, the warmer hues are used, but that’s not a requirement. Sunny yellow can work just as well as beige for one of your country themed kitchen decor colors. A basic pattern in typical country style is checked. That can be a bright red and white. Neither is a warm hue, but both more great colors for a country themed kitchen.

Using placemats as part of your table decor makes an easy way for your to work with your color schemes. Look for accent colors in the design of the placemat to use as solid colored napkins. Pick out a design element from the placemats and use that for your centerpiece. Like a country bear, or a bouquet of sunflowers. Your table linens will be a great start toward country themed kitchen decor.

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