Fruit Themed Kitchen Rugs: Easy Decorating

Fruit Themed Kitchen RugsKitchen decorating is fun and easy when you work with a theme. Starting with fruit themed kitchen rugs is simple. The other accessories can flow easily and before you know it, you have a fruit themed kitchen.

Start From the Floor

For easy decorating, I like to start with the floor. A great floor mat or rug in the kitchen is always welcome. Think how much time you stand at the sink, either for washing and preparing foods or for cleaning up after meals. Fruit themed kitchen rugs or mats help soften the floor for you. That’s good for both your legs and your back.

Besides having great decorating additions, fruit themed kitchen rugs are a benefit to save your health. Now that plays double-duty in my book, which is even better.

Fruit Themed Kitchen Colors

There is something so fitting about a food theme for a kitchen. Since I really enjoy fruit, the bright colors and charming designs of fruit make a great theme for me. Colorful is what I want my kitchen to be. Think of all the bright colors of fruit, from the green of pears to the blue of blueberries, pinks in the apples, purples in the grapes, yellows in the lemons and even black when you want to go with blackberries and black grapes. What a color palette a fruit medley theme can be.

Choosing the color scheme for your decor can easily come from fruit themed kitchen rugs or mats. If you have your favorite colors already picked out for your kitchen, then choose your rug to work with those. Otherwise, pick fruit themed kitchen rugs that you like. From those, you can easily determine your color scheme.

Fruit Themed Kitchen Rugs

I’ve chosen some examples of fruit themed kitchen rugs to show you different styles and how they can fit into different kitchen decor. Each has it’s own charm, but each has a different effect with you kitchen decor.

 Apache Mills 60-122-0148-18X30 Napa Fruit Kitchen Mat, 18-Inch by 30-Inch Medley Antique Fruit Bowl Kitchen Set (Set of 4) Set: Kitchen Medley Set Apache Mills 60-122-0354-20X42 Gourmet Fruit Kitchen Mat, 20-Inch by 42-Inch

The first one is more of a modern design. Look at the stylized way the fruit is added into the design. Not very realistic, but still makes a charming look with a modern or eclectic kitchen decor.

The middle kitchen rug, with matching linen set, is a country style. When you want that delightful look of a warm, welcoming country kitchen, this style, with it’s warmer colors and checkered border works great.

You can see the third one works well in a vintage kitchen. The “old masters” style of artwork lends itself well to antiques and vintage designs.

Choosing from any of the many fruit themed kitchen rugs will give you the kind of accessory that will work with your own kitchen style, or color scheme. A fruit theme in a modern, country or vintage style is definitely a fun one.

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