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Cocoa-Cola-Retro-KitchenOften times the best way to pick a kitchen theme to look at what others have done. So you need some resources to find those ideas. This is all about 3 different themes. The site are dedicated just to a Retro theme, an Apple theme and a Fat Chef theme. Simple ideas, but plenty of options.

Retro Kitchen Theme Resources

In the 1950’s a new era for kitchens poured in. Life had changed and women, still the head of the kitchen, wanted an easier world. Not just easier world, but easier to clean. That’s where Formica came in. Plenty of chrome and plastic became part of the retro kitchen. Bold colors were popular and the modern look was born. Find out more about this charming style at Retro Kitchen World. If you want to have a retro theme for your own kitchen, here is how to do it, including lots of choices to make it easy.

Apple Kitchen Resources

The bright bold look of apples, whether red or green, are part of Apple Kitchen Stuff. This site offers you options for modern apple designs, country apple or even vintage style. Easy decorating options, with plenty of tips on getting the color scheme and the accent pieces.

Fat Chef Kitchen Designchef-counter-decor

Whether you call the little guy a Fat Chef, a Bistro Chef or an Italian Chef, he is still fun to decorate your kitchen with. His color scheme brings a natural black and white with red accents into your world. Besides his charming look, he has a whimsical expression to keep you smiling all through your kitchen chores. Fat Chef Kitchen has the kind of things that will make your own style come to life with that broad grin.

Finding Your Own Kitchen Theme

Even though these are some resources to help you, your own inspiration is the most important. Think about the things that you love to have around you. I know there is an easy way to decorate your kitchen with those things. Read about the 5 tips to finding your own style. Then apply that to what you love in your own kitchen theme.

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  1. Mandee says:

    All three kitchen themes are fun! I can’t wait to move and figure out what direction I will go this time with a kitchen theme!

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